Mardi Gras Potato.jpeg
Mardi Gras Potato.jpeg

Mardi Gras Stuff Potato

Shrimp, crawfish, spinach, cheese, creole cream sauce

Fish & Grits.jpg

Fried fish on a bed of cheese grits, ladled with our creole cream sauce topped w/andouille sausage bites.

Fish & Grits

Loaded Bayou Fries.jpg
Loaded Bayou Fries.jpg

Spinach, chicken, cheese in a creole cream sauce

Fried Oysters on toasted French bread, topped with crawfish & shrimp in a creole cream sauce 

Oyster Rian.jpg

Oyster Rian

Café Rian Cajun Café

Spinach Dip.jpg

Classic Spinach Dip

Fresh cooked spinach in a cheesy sauce, served with our house-made chips

Spothered Boudin Link.jpg

Smothered Boudin Link

Our amazing boudin link, burst open and smothered with our house-made etouffe

Loaded Bayou Fries